Our creation process

Our commitment to creating sustainable, ethical products starts at the very beginning of our process. By working with specialty fabrics made from recycled plastic, the production of our outerwear consumes 45% less energy, 20% less water and gives off 30% less GHG emissions than virgin polyester. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. 

We’ve examined all aspects of our business to make sure we have the smallest footprint possible and we ask our suppliers to do the same. We challenge our suppliers not to distribute single use plastic bottles, plastic utensils or straws in their facilities. They’re also required to organize a trash collection with their team once a year.

Our objective is to create a circular economy for our products. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1 – DESIGN: Every piece is designed by our team in Montreal, Canada. Our work environment is eco-friendly and features repurposed wood, refurbished furniture, lots of plants and a specialty water filtration system.


Step 2 – THE YARN: While we finalize our designs, we work with our certified partners, REPREVE to create the perfect yarn for the new garments. REPREVE is a synthetic fiber made from recycled plastic. This transformation takes place at their plant, where they turn used plastic bottles into the yarn that’s used to create our fabric.

The yarn is then printed with FiberPrint®, a digital serial number that allows us to calculate the number of bottles used in a single garment. This technology validates the authenticity of our products and provides a complete analysis of all the steps in the manufacturing process.

We are committed to transparency and sustainability. To make our process as transparent as possible, we work with the U TRUST® verification program, which gives customers comprehensive overview of our various certifications.

Step 3 – OUR FABRICS: The yarn is then sent to a REPREVE-certified mill in China, where it’s woven custom fabrics for our products. Our insolation is supplied by Polartec.

Step 4 – THE FACTORY: Once the fabric is ready, it’s sent to our ethical, WRAP-certified manufacture in Hangzhou, China. We not only care about what goes into our garments, we care about where and how they’re made. Before the first Norden prototype was produced, our founder personally visited the manufacturer to make sure the work environment and practices met our high standards. We’re proud to work with a factory that provides a respectful, secure work environment with reasonable hours and good working conditions.


Step 5 – READY TO SHIP: The finished product is then sent to our Montreal warehouse in a biodegradable bag made from corn starch. Our online orders are mailed in bags made from recycled plastic, which can also be recycled.

Step 6 – CLOSE THE LOOP: When you buy our products, you’re buying into our closed-loop production chain. Your garments life doesn’t end with you. When you no longer need your coat, take advantage of our end-of-life solution and give your garment a second life.

Have questions? Email us at support@nordenproject.com