End-Of-Life Program

End of life program End of life program End of life program



After 2 years of wear, return your coat to us and we’ll give you 30% off a new one.

Sustainability is at our core, so it’s important for us to offer end-of-life solutions that prevent your coat from ending up as landfill.

No matter where you bought your Norden coat—on our site or through another retailer—we make it easy to participate in our program.

If you bought your jacket on Nordenproject.com, you’ll receive an email reminding you that your coat is eligible for our end-of-life program. It’s up to you, if you’d like to keep the coat for longer or are ready to purchase a new one.

If you bought your jacket in-store, click here to register your coat for our end-of-life program.

If you didn’t register to the program when you bought your Norden product, but kept the receipt, you can contact our customer service team to receive your discount.

Returned garments will be repaired and resold or, if still in good condition, donated to those in need.

If the garment is damage beyond repair, it will be sent to our partner TerraCycle, where it will be 100 per cent recycled.