Provide better choices

We’ve accepted that if life on Earth is going to be viable in the future,
we have to make better choices about the way we live now.
Our mission at NORDEN is to provide you those choices with outerwear that tends to the needs of our environment
and makes you feel good outside.

The Norden Essentials

Waste not

A sustainable approach. Repurposed waste. Recycled materials. These are important tools for everyone, in every industry. We use them to improve how outerwear is made, how business is run, and how all of us are living.

Simplify style

Guided by our natural Canadian landscape, the heart of Norden is a place of honest minimalism. It shows in our contemporary designs, in what we leave behind, and in the choices we make.

Be practical

Proudly from Montréal, QC, since 2018, we put forward thinking and environmental practicality into a modern aesthetic. We do it so people can take positive action with the clothes they put on their backs.

Redefine outerwear

Through both form and function, our purpose is to make it feel good outside in any climate. By working with repurposed materials, we are committed to making that feeling last — for you and for our Earth.


Better outerwear for a better planet 

For Tomorrow

Our Approach

Set new standards

A sustainable future means being accountable now.

Corporate Commitment

As a Certified B-Corporation, we join the global business community officially committed to creating a healthier and inclusive environment in everything we do.

Ecological Business

Our business is ecological. That's it. Products. Materials. Packaging. Every single thing we create comes from 100% recycled and repurposed materials.

Animal Protection

We work to protect the rights of animals, like we do for all living things. Our products use no fur, feathers, leather or any animal by-products.

For Tomorrow

Things are far from perfect,
far from real sustainable living on Earth.
There’s an urgency to change, no doubt.
We need to make better choices about what we want,
what we need, even About the clothes we wear.
No, it won’t happen overnight.
We’ve got generations still to go.
But, this is about right now.
This is about changing one thing in the way we live today
so we don’t waste what we need
for tomorrow.