Temperature ratings are very subjective. Everybody and every body is completely different. The weather conditions (wind, sun, humidity, clouds) at any temperature also vary a lot and play a huge factor in how a certain temperature will feel. People in general feel cold differently, some run hot while others run cold all the time. 

So many variables affect the warmth of a jacket, which is why this year we have rated our outerwear in three different zones (we definitely understand the need to gage the warmth of the coat you are about to purchase). We will not be giving you an exact temperature rating, but we will provide a guide below with temperature ratings per zones. 

The below chart applies to Aleta, Anderson, Anja Ari, Doutzen, Gunner, Inga, Kal, Kole, Larz, Luna, Matias, Mia, Rozamund, Sindri & Tova.

Zone Name Temperature Rating
Zone 1 (Warm)  0°C to -15°C
Zone 2 (Very Warm) -15°C to -25°C
Zone 3 (Warmest) -25°C to -40°C


The below chart applies to Eva, Aud, Anderson 2.0, Ari 2.0, Dag, Finn & Morten.

Zone Name Temperature Rating
Zone 1 (Warm)  5°C to -5°C
Zone 2 (Warmer)  0°C to -15°C
Zone 3 (Very Warm) -10°C to -25°C