This coat means something

Wearing NORDEN is an individual choice to protect our one planet.
Choose to have fewer things. Choose to make less waste.
Choose to feel good outside. Our products are made for this.

Meaningful clothes


Adapting to our environment is how we improve it. This simple idea is core to every NORDEN design. It’s why we make single pieces of outerwear for ideal function, anywhere.


The materials we use are ecologically sound. Our jackets are made from repurposed waste and recycled materials, so we can leave less behind and you can choose outerwear that actually helps the planet improve.


Style matters, a lot. But whatever that style is, it’s yours to make your own. That’s why our minimal, functional, contemporary ‘look’ will always be inspired by you, and however you choose to express yourself. In the city. In nature. In any weather.


Everyone is different. Shapes and sizes are unique, and people react to temperature in their own way. NORDEN outerwear embraces this and is fitted to promote warmth and heated-air circulation around your body.


Ecological, inside and out 

Feel good outside, in any climate.

Sustainable process

Ecological, inside and out 

Our entire business model is designed to have the smallest possible carbon footprint; consuming less energy, less water and giving off less GHG emissions than traditional manufacturing.  

Responsible workplaces

Every NORDEN garment is designed in Montréal, Canada in an eco-friendly space featuring repurposed furniture and a specialty water filtration system. Our production factory has a respectful, secure work environment with good working conditions.

Thoughtful packaging

Your NORDEN purchase will be packed in a biodegradable, re-usable bag and shipped using 100% recycled materials for you to re-purpose or recycle yourself.

Minimal partners

We work with only a few key manufacturing partners, to try and localize our creation process. The ones we do work with are certified, eco-responsible organizations.